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img_9669Publishers Weekly review of The Art of Adapting

Publishers Weekly

“Dunn’s debut novel is a lively, engaging, and heartfelt tale of learning how to cope with change…”

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‘The Art of Adapting’ by Cassandra Dunn: wonderful debut novel

“It’s difficult to believe that this carefully crafted, touching story is a first book…”

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Cassandra Dunn’s ‘The Art of Adapting’ follows a complicated family of four

San Jose Mercury News

“Telling the story from four alternating points of view, the book is an engrossing tale of a family in crisis…”

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The Rhythm of Writing

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Neurodiversity in the Arts: Cassandra Dunn’s “Art of Adapting”

Donna Levin: Different Brains

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Cassandra Dunn’s interview with Dr. Hackie Reitman on Different Brains

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Cassandra Dunn’s debut novel, The Art of Adapting, gives voice to Asperger Syndrome

Harvard Square Edition

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Writing…Now or Never by Cassandra Dunn

1st Books: Writing and Publishing

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Allie Larkin Writes: 3Ws

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Pens and Paws

Writers and the Pets Who Tolerate Them

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The Art of Adapting, radio interview

Radio Alice: Interviewed by Liz Saint John

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How I Found my Literary Agent by Cassandra Dunn

Writer’s Digest

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The Art of Adapting by Cassandra Dunn

Story Circle Book Review

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The Art of Adapting by Cassandra Dunn


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Cassandra Dunn’s road to success

S. M. Nystoriak’s Writer’s Block

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