Editing Services

Cassandra Dunn has over 20 years of professional copyediting experience, an MFA in creative writing, and the experience of being a traditionally published author herself (Simon & Schuster). She’s been specializing in developmental edits/book doctor services for 13 years, and her clients’ books have won awards and received starred Kirkus reviews. She’s edited dozens of books across all genres: literary, women’s fiction, historical fiction, fantasy, young adult, middle-grade, children’s books, memoirs, and self-help. She is passionate about helping authors develop and polish their manuscripts for submission to agents or for self-publishing, without compromising their voice or vision. She charges $75/hour, offering authors extensive feedback on plotting, character development, pacing, story arc, as well as a clean, copyedited manuscript. Email her the details of your project (a brief summary, total word count, and type of edit you’re seeking) for more information and availability.

Cassandra is a verified Reedsy editor and is featured on Kindlepreneur’s “List of the Best Book Editors.”


“The work you did is at ‘book doctor’ level- I’ve paid editors more who haven’t done half of what you’ve done. You were the best editor I’ve worked with.” Joan Gelfand

“Thank you for your clearly-stated and insightful editorial suggestions. They facilitated a quick and painless revision process….yes, truly possible, thanks to your gift for this.” Margit Liesche

“I loved working with Cassandra every step of the way! Not only did she provide timely and spot-on line edits that streamlined and enhanced flow, but she offered insightful feedback that helped me produce a more compelling manuscript. With Cassandra’s expert help, I’m more excited than ever to begin the query process. If you’re seeking an editor who’s trustworthy, friendly, knowledgeable, and highly responsive, then I recommend Cassandra!” -B. Samaddar

A sampling of clients’ published books:

Face the Night, Alan Lastufka (winner, Eric Hoffer Award for Best Commercial Fiction; starred Kirkus review)

48 States, Evette Davis (starred Kirkus review)

Hand-me-down Dreams, Phillip Wilhite

The Wildwoods, Cathy Wilson

Dancing Shapes, Once Upon a Dance

Extreme, Joan Gelfand

Fowl Murder, Victoria Tait

In the Envelope of Memory, Ilana Haley

Catchers Keeper, Johannah Spero

Day One, Don Sedei

Serendipitous Rescue, Lowell Dunn

Our Forgotten Allies, Rhea Iris Rivers

A Heart’s Journey Home, Hal Price