Editing Services

Cassandra Dunn has 20 years of professional copyediting experience, an MFA in creative writing, and the experience of being a traditionally published author herself. She has been specializing in developmental edits/book doctor services for the past 8 years. She is passionate about helping authors develop and polish their manuscripts for submission or self-publishing, without compromising the voice of the piece. She charges $60/hour, offering authors extensive feedback on plotting, character development, pacing, story arc, as well as a clean, copyedited manuscript. Please contact her with details of your project for more information and availability.


“The work you did is at ‘book doctor’ level- I’ve paid editors more who haven’t done half of what you’ve done. You were the best editor I’ve worked with.” Joan Gelfand

“Thank you for your clearly-stated and insightful editorial suggestions. They facilitated a quick and painless revision process….yes, truly possible, thanks to your gift for this.” Margit Liesche

Clients’ published books:

Home Again in Paris, Matthew Fraser (memoir)

Catchers Keeper, Johannah Spero (novel)